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In an ideal world...

In an ideal world, when my roommate uses my computer for some school work, it wouldn't be screwed up when I come home.

In an ideal world, my roommate would have more computer skills than a rock.

Oh well, tomorrow she should have her computer back.
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where has andi been?

You may or may not have noticed that I haven't posted in a really really really (did I mention really) long time. There's a couple reasons for that. The first is a bad situation involving an online stalker where I pretty much had to disappear from online life for a while until the situation got taken care of. Then a couple weeks ago I was just getting back to normal life and I got sick it started out as a cold but turned into pneumonia and I ended up in the hospital. Now I'm back at home still recovering but doing much better. I still have the same AIM name but am setting up a new myspace page I'll post it once I have it setup. Anyway that's whats going on with me and I should be posting here again.
not cool

blow me

damn. not sure if you guys have heard on the news, but we had one big-ass storm come through here on thursday night into friday morning, and it severely screwed things up. we got lucky at our house, no major damage although one smallish tree (maybe 15 feet) is leaning pretty good.

things were pretty screwed up around the city yesterday, lots of power outages, lots of branches down. things are getting back to normal.

hah. as if my life is ever normal :)
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no sunshine


yes, the trip to the coast was fun... unfortunately the person who took pictures there ended up having problems with her camera, and they are gone :( sad, I know. we did have a party on sunday night though with a bunch of friends where we exchanged some gifts and such, and I'm happy to say that the pictures from that night are just fine, and I should have a couple posted later. because I know you've all been missing the hotness that I am.

lol, yeah. right.
who wants to fit in


I'm heading out of town tonight with a couple friends... nothing too exciting, just to the coast. Back late sunday. may or may not post. didn't want y'all to think I was gonna go months without posting again though :)
buddy christ

weekend update

Yeah, a weekend update. Not nearly as funny as the one that you get at midnight on snl, but hey it's my version, and I never claimed to be funny. maybe funny-looking, but not funny.

anyway, on saturday a few of us got together, hung out, and made christmas cookies... yeah, I know that none of us are particularly religious, which I think is just perfect, given that we're making cookies. what better way to celebrate the secular and unholy version of christmas than with a bunch of flour and sugar shaped like important things like santa claus and snowmen and such?

yesterday, one of my friends moved so I hung out with them and mostly was in the way... meh, oh well. life goes on.
drunk at the wheel

separating online from off

A lot of people seem to really link their online life and their offline life. Many people's livejournals are a network of real life friends interacting and mixing the online with the offline life.

I can't quite pinpoint why but I kind of like keeping my lives separate. Sure, I talk about offline things here, and when I'm with friends we talk about things we've seen online, but to me, with people I know in real life, it's just awkward interacting with them online.

Am I the only one, or just a freak. And of course, there's nothing wrong with being a freak. Don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?